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CAPortal is a tool for clients to easily send their annual tax information to their accountant via the internet.

Because the data is uploaded electronically via this secure web service, it saves both time and money. It also makes annual accounting faster to process.

CAPortal facilitates upload of annual records in a simple, intuitive online process and is fast and logical. Records get updated, packaged and delivered by our server online daily. This reduces human input at the accountant’s end, and gets the records in earlier.

Clients stuck in lockdown or living remotely or travelling? No problem with CAPortal; they just scan, click and send.

In three simple steps, clients complete their annual tax questionnaires and send through their books to their accountant, who can then process their financial statements. Questions are answered online, and files can be uploaded seamlessly.

For each of their entities, clients:


As soon as the client completes this process, the accountant can access their information and start the work.

CAPortal works with any accounting program:


Best of all, CAPortal is easy for clients to use. And this makes everything easier for their accountant, too. Our practice experience is 75% of clients adopt CAPortal in the first year.


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Becoming a CAPortal partner is easy:


Sign terms of trade and a confidentiality agreement with CAPortal Limited. We undertake to protect your client data and contacts in our secure cloud environment.


You upload your terms of engagement into the system, so your client can sign them electronically and attach them to all records they supply. This binds the client to your terms of trade and provides a scope limitation on services performed to a compilation assignment on every engagement seamlessly.


You upload your client contacts and your client codes. We facilitate data delivery and security arrangements.


Go live

  • CAPortal sends an email letter of introduction to your clients from you, with your letterhead.

  • Unique link for them to login and start processing is included. We have had excellent feedback and fast adoption CAPortal by all clients, with 75% first year adoption (with very little support required).

  • As soon as your clients set their passwords, they able to process their records. One of our CAPortal members went live and received their first records within half an hour - to their astonishment!

Throughout the process, the CAPortal team is on hand to help with anything you are unsure about.



What accounting systems does CAPortal work with?

All systems, e.g. Xero, MYOB, Excel, Quickbooks, BankLink, Reckon, etc.


Is CAPortal secure?

CAPortal uses enterprise-level secure systems to ensure all data is virus scanned and protected at all stages of processing.


Where is data stored?

In a New Zealand data centre (in Auckland).


Who has access to my practice data and clients?

Only the authorised practice managers. If you have a support query, our technical support staff (IT programmers) can log in and support you.


Are our records used for marketing?

No. Only you access the email lists and client files. CAPortal only reveals such data to the accounting practice subscribed.


What if we leave CAPortal?

We delete all of your client records and data and retain nothing.


Is CAPortal compliant with NZICA?

Yes, you sign a confidentiality agreement with CAPortal who restrain from looking at your data and keep client and your records secure and confidential at all times. All records delivered are deleted after 90 days, so we do not hold your clients’ data long term (unless you ask us to).


How much does CAPortal cost?

  • $1000 to set up for a standard practice and $5 per client per year

  • The $1000 setup includes:

    • i. Tailoring your terms of engagement

    • ii. Letterhead loading

    • iii. Training on client data loading

    • iv. Guidance on questionnaires, email templates, declarations, entity types etc. and assistance with implementing any required changes

  • If you want custom design, customer delivery solutions, or help with data setup, we charge our technicians by the hour.


How are records delivered?

  • The records are arranged into a logical format that suits most accountants' work paper files.

  • Once a client signs the terms of engagement, a link is sent to you to download the data file pack.


What ongoing support do you offer?

CAPortal is designed so you should be able to manage all aspects of it yourself after initial training and setup. If you need extra assistance with anything, our tech support team is on hand to help.


Are we locked into a contract with CAPortal?

No, you can stop at any time.

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